Jee Park
I started my current project loosely based on my father’s diagnosis. My work deals with loss, illness, and decay. I use a variety of found materials, as well as medical tubing, gauze, and textiles. Fabrics are stitched, and hand dyed, combined with collage and various forms of mark making. These works allude to human flesh and wounds, the ephemeral, and the body in nature.

Recent works involve the use of bed sheets, pillowcases and my father’s neckties to reference the body, daily life and the domestic environment. Some construction takes place at the sewing machine; however, most of my work usually involves hand stitching. Often, I don’t sew straight lines intentionally, viewing these imperfections and jagged, crooked lines as an extension of drawing. After losing my father, the act of sewing became more meaningful and therapeutic, it is the way I attempt to ‘hold things together’.