Jee Park
Assemblage/ InstallationPaintingsWorks on PaperExhibition Views
I started my current project loosely based on my father’s diagnosis. My work deals with loss, illness, and decay. I use a variety of found materials, as well as medical tubing, gauze, and textiles. Fabrics are stitched, and hand dyed, combined with collage and various forms of mark making.

In recent works I have used bed sheets, pillowcases and my father’s neckties to reference daily life and the domestic environment. Some construction takes place at the sewing machine; however, most of my work usually involves hand stitching. Often, I don’t sew straight lines intentionally, because I view imperfections and jagged, crooked lines as an extension of drawing. After losing my father the act of sewing became more meaningful, it is the way I attempt to ‘hold things together’.